Offshore PCB Mountain ViewOffshore PCB manufacturing can give your Mountain View tech-sector business immense cost-saving advantages. But offshore printed circuit board fabrication does run some high risks: an order not being totally fulfilled, some headache-inducing complicated logistics, and even the use of poor quality construction materials and a shoddy recipe transfer than can render the entire batch of product useless. Fortunately, APCT is here with our PCB Program Management service to provide your Mountain View area business with all the benefits of offshore PCB manufacturing and mitigating or outright eradicating many of the potential risks.

Offshore Printed Circuit Boards When You Need Them

Our global PCB manufacturing partners in Northern China, Southern China, Taiwan, and Japan were hand-selected by us because they match the APCT values of providing our clients high-quality products and lightning-fast manufacturing times. By using our integrated Valor Genesis System, the recipe transfer from your approved prototype to mass production is seamless and error free. And since APCT is handling all the logistics, there’s no need for any late night overseas phone calls on your end: you’ll speak to the same APCT representative and enjoy exemplary customer service and technical support we’re known for. The result? Offshore printed circuit boards that provide tremendous cost-saving benefits and the quality and reliable product you need to succeed.

When your Mountain View area business needs offshore PCB fabrication services, please contact us at APCT. Call (408) 727-6442, or use our online form to ask us any questions about the process. Experience the difference working with a true industry leader can make when you partner with APCT.