Offshore PCB Ontario CAIt shouldn’t be hard to order offshore PCB in Ontario CA. Many business owners shy away from overseas manufacturing because they have concerns about large order minimums and logistics. That’s where APCT’s PCB Global Management comes in. Over years of experience in the printed circuit board industry, we have built relationships with suppliers around the world. We have partnered with four manufacturers in Asia who share our passion for quality circuit boards. This partnership with suppliers in Northern China, Southern China, Taiwan, and Japan allows us to bring high quality and low cost offshore printed circuit boards to our valued customers.

Your Source for Offshore Printed Circuit Boards

You know ordering offshore PCB could be cost saving measure for your Ontario CA business, but you’re concerned with the large order minimums many overseas manufacturers require. This requires an upfront payment for a large shipment of product and then you are responsible for storing the boards. APCT offers inventory management; we can store your offshore printed circuit boards in our domestic warehouse and ship to you as needed. Best of all, our pay as you go system lets your business pay as we ship the product. With inventory management and a pay as you go system for our PCB Global customers, large order minimums aren’t a concern.

Large order minimums aren’t the only issue with overseas manufacturing. Who is going to coordinate with the supplier? APCT handles all logistics with the offshore supplier, so you never have to worry about answering a phone call in the middle of the night. From the design review to transferring the recipe to coordinating delivery of you offshore PCBs, our team takes care of all communication. You will talk to the same sales representative you’ve always had. When you trust APCT with your offshore PCB order in Ontario CA, you receive logistical support, inventory management, and a pay as you go program. Dial (203) 284-1215 to begin your order.