Offshore PCB RaleighAt APCT, we are dedicated to providing you with robust offshore PCB that will save your Raleigh NC business money. Many businesses may consider offshore printed circuit boards but ultimately decide that the risks and requirements are too high. For example, many foreign manufactures require large minimum orders that tie up your cash flow, and then you need to find or rent storage space to keep the product until you can use it. Global Program Management through APCT mitigates these risks and ensures that you receive high quality product, while saving money.

Your Source for Offshore Printed Circuit Boards

APCT will ensure that your offshore PCB is high performing for your Raleigh NC business. Over years of experience in the industry, we have built relationships with overseas suppliers. We have partnerships with four Asian manufacturers, know their business models intimately, and match their strengths with our customer’s needs. For example, our Shanghai supplier offers competitive pricing and can produce double and multilayer boards, along with HDI Blind and Buried via structures up to 24 layers, giving our customers the opportunity to receive high quality, low priced Northern China PCB. Every batch is sent directly from the foreign supplier to our headquarters, so we can practice quality control. We test every order for performance and quality, making sure you get the exact product you ordered.

Furthermore, you don’t have to pay upfront or store large amount of product when you rely on APCT for offshore PCB in Raleigh NC. We offer inventory management and a pay as you go program for our valued customers. Once the order is completed overseas, your offshore printed circuit boards are shipped to us. We check them for quality, then store in our secure and temperature safe warehouse until you need them. We can arrange monthly drop shipments, and you only pay as the product is shipped to you. Save money when you let APCT handle your low priced, high quality offshore PCB. Fill out our convenient online form or call (203) 284-1215 to talk to a friendly customer service representative.