Offshore PCB San FranciscoExperience the best of both worlds when your San Francisco business chooses APCT as your offshore PCB production management partner. When you create a design that becomes extremely popular, using offshore manufacturing services can assist you in creating huge amounts of product at extremely cost-efficient prices, but it also carries with it some heavy risks. Complicated logistics, unfamiliar contacts, and the use of low-quality materials can cause offshore PCB fabrication to cost more for your San Francisco business than you would have saved. Fortunately, APCT is here for you, offering total offshore production management to ensure that your business gets all of the benefits of offshore fabrication with none of the risk.

APCT Is Here For You

It all starts domestically, where we create a full working prototype of your design at our own advanced facilities. This prototype will be thoroughly examined by you and your team to ensure it matches your specifications exactly. Once this prototype has been approved, we’ll send it off to our Asian PCB fabrication partners. Located in Northern China, Southern China, Japan, and Taiwan, our partners are carefully selected by us as companies that match the APCT values of high-quality, reliable products and providing clients with exemplary customer service experiences.

Throughout the entire manufacturing process, you’ll always speak to your friendly APCT representative and support team as we manage all aspects of the project’s logistics. Once the production is completed and we receive your finished PCBs back from our overseas Asian partners, we thoroughly vet the quality of all completed boards to ensure that they match APCT’s exacting quality standards before they are sent to you. We fully stand by the order: in the unlikely event of a supply side disruption, we will complete the rest of your order domestically at our advanced facilities to make sure you get the rest of your project in a timely manner.

All of the advantages of offshore PCB fabrication for your San Francisco business, and none of the risks. It’s not too good to be true: it’s just how APCT does business. Experience the best in customer service and overseas production management today by filling out our online form, or by calling (203) 284-1215.