Offshore PCB San JoseTrying to get your San Jose area tech-sector business’s PCB design manufactured offshore can be daunting on your own. Without the necessary experience, it’s often extremely difficult to find a good offshore printed circuit board fabrication partner that matches your project’s vision and your business’s quality requirements. You also run some very high risks, like complex logistics that can result in lost time or higher overhead costs, or orders that aren’t completed in full.

APCT is here to help.

That’s why APCT has launched APCT Global: an overseas production management program that gives your San Jose business the many cost-saving and mass production advantages of offshore PCB manufacturing while still receiving the high-quality product and excellent customer service that has made APCT a proud industry leader.

After we’ve produced a fully vetted and approved prototype, our Valor Genesis System provides seamless recipe transfer to ensure that any offshore produced printed circuit boards match your design down to the letter. Our overseas PCB manufacturing partners, located in Northern China, Southern China, Japan, and Taiwan, are partners that we trust: matching the APCT commitment to quality, reliability, and fast production. Once the order is complete, we’ll ensure that every board matches our own exacting quality standards before shipping them to you, and in the unlikely event of a supply chain disruption, we promise to finish your entire order at our own advanced, domestic facilities to ensure that you receive your full order. That’s a commitment to ensuring your 100% satisfaction you won’t find from anyone else: the real APCT difference.

When your San Jose business needs an offshore PCB fabrication solution, you can rely on the expertise of APCT. Our online form is perfect for asking us any questions you may have about the process, or call (203) 284-1215 to speak with one of our friendly representatives. Get the product you need at cost you’ll love from a company built on trust, transparency, and respect: APCT.