Offshore PCB San MarcosIf your business has considered offshore PCB in San Marcos and ultimately decided not to risk potential issues, you need to consider APCT. Typical problems with overseas manufacturing include inferior product and halted production. Technology companies that wanted the cost advantages of Asian manufacturing had to take a chance with these potential complications, but not anymore. APCT is pleased to announce our new PCB Global Management Program.

Experience the APCT Difference

APCT is dedicated to producing high quality printed circuit boards. When we choose our overseas manufacturing partners, we looked for suppliers who share our passion for top notch PCB. We have teamed up with four manufacturers in Northern China, Southern China, Taiwan, and Japan that produce top quality offshore printed circuit boards. Our domestic DFM engineering team reviews your PCB design, then seamlessly transfers the recipe using our patented Valor Genesis System. This ensures that the exact specifications are transferred and you receive the boards precisely as ordered. Once production is complete, each batch of offshore PCB is sent to our domestic facility for quality testing before it’s shipped to your San Marcos business.

In addition to quality control, another possible difficulty with overseas manufacturing is lack of control over production. The worst scenario is hearing ‘the line is down’ and having no recourse. Fortunately, APCT is a domestic manufacturer as well as having an established supply chain for offshore printed circuit boards. If production is halted, our stateside factories can manufacture your PCB with no interruption of service. Having a domestic manufacturer as your source for offshore PCB in San Marcos mitigates the risk of stalled production lines. Let APCT mitigate the risks of overseas printed circuit boards; with our PCB Global Management Program your business doesn’t have to worry about inferior boards or stopped production. Call us at (203) 284-1215 to start your order.