Offshore PCB Santa ClaraOffshore PCB manufacturing for your Santa Clara business can provide amazing cost-effective advantages for your PCB project, however, typical offshore printed circuit board fabrication can be risky and overwhelming. But with APCT’s PCB Program Management services at your side you’ll be able to get every advantage of offshore PCB fabrication for your Santa Clara business while minimizing the potential risks.

Your Source for Offshore Printed Circuit Boards

APCT’s PCB Program Management services saves you both time and money. Our offshore PCB fabrication partners, located in Northern China, Southern China, Taiwan, and Japan, all share the APCT commitment to exemplary product quality and our core business philosophy of giving our clients our absolute best. With our integrated Valor Genesis System, we take your Santa Clara tech business’s exact PCB design, creating a 100% accurate prototype of your original design for your approval before providing it to our offshore partners. Our core DFM expertise ensures that your design is the best, most reliable version it can possibly be. After your approval, ACPT will provide all management services from then on: no late night phone calls to Taiwan or one of our other partners in order for you to the status of your PCB fabrication. You’ll speak with the same domestic APCT representative you’ve always worked with.

And APCT Program Management provides you the ultimate in risk mitigation for your Santa Clara business’s offshore PCB manufacturing: in the unlikely event of any supply-chain disruption, the domestic APCT manufacturing facilities will finish the rest of your order and ship it to you as quickly as possible. We also promise to thoroughly vet all of the completed project from our partners to ensure that they give you the level of APCT quality you’ve come to trust.

Combine the amazing customer service and commitment to quality you’ve come to expect from APCT with the fantastic cost-saving advantages of offshore fabrication. Ask us any questions about our Program Management services via our online form, or call us at (408) 727-6442. Experience the APCT difference today.