Offshore PCB SaratogaLooking into offshore PCB for your Saratoga business? Then you know that with the cheap price of offshore printed circuit boards comes the danger of inferior product or stalled production. With suppliers halfway across the world, it can be hard to connect with a manufacturer that aligns with your company’s values. APCT is a domestic manufacturer with a passion for printed circuit boards and a dedication to customer service. We have partnered with manufacturers in Northern China, Southern China, Taiwan, and Japan to bring you low cost PCB that is high performing.

Experience the APCT Difference

Our process begins when you send our domestic engineers your PCB design. Our DFM team reviews the recipe and ensures it is cost effective to manufacture and will have robust performance. Once the prototype is approved by you, we send to our overseas manufacturer partners the recipe through our Valor Genesis System. APCT handles all communication with the offshore manufacturer to make sure the offshore PCB is on schedule for your Saratoga company. There’s no need to worry about time zones and when the offshore printed circuit boards will be delivered, we handle everything from negotiating price to coordinating delivery. A big fear with overseas manufacturing is hearing that production has stalled. Fortunately, APCT is a domestic manufacturer as well as your connection to offshore PCB. If there are any issues with the offshore manufacturing, we can complete your order in our domestic facilities.

APCT is a respected name in printed circuit board manufacturing. With our new PCB Global Management Program, we offer our valued customers a chance to reap the benefits of low cost PCB without the typical worries of stalled production or low quality product. Working with a domestic manufacturer gives your business peace of mind while enjoying the price advantages. Contact us through our convenient online form or by calling (203) 284-1215 for offshore PCB in Saratoga.