Offshore PCB Silicon ValleyDoes your Silicon Valley business need assistance in setting up a new offshore PCB supply chain? With their tremendous cost-saving advantages, it’s no wonder offshore printed circuit board construction is becoming more and more prevalent in the industry, and with major players such as Taiwan offering their advanced PCB fabrication services, now is the time to start taking advantage of this new industry offering. But offshore PCB fabrication runs with its own set of unique risks to your Silicon Valley area business: subpar product, supply chain disruptions, and a whole host of other potential issues. Luckily, APCT is here to offer a brand new service: PCB Program Management.

APCT Is Your New Manufacturing Partner

APCT’s PCB Program Management service is designed to provide your Silicon Valley area business with all the advantages of offshore PCB fabrication and minimizing or eradicating any of the risks. With APCT in charge, you’ll continue to speak with the representative from us you’ve come to know and trust: no need to schedule late-night overseas phone calls to get an update about your project. And our global PCB fabrication partners, located in industry hotspots in Northern China, Southern China, Taiwan, and Japan all share in the APCT commitment to providing our clients with exemplary customer service and high-quality, reliable products, so you can rest assured that your project is up to the same exacting standards. In the event of a supply chain disruption, you’re even further protected: APCT will domestically finish the order with our own advanced facilities and lightning fast turnaround times, and ship the rest directly to you to complete your order.

Get your Silicon Valley area business started with offshore PCB manufacturing today with the APCT PCB Program Management service by using our online form to ask us any questions, or by calling (408) 727-6442. With none of the risks and all of the advantages, you’ll experience the best in offshore PCB fabrication from a true industry leader.