Offshore PCB Triangle Research Park NCAre you determined to find offshore PCB for your Triangle Research Park NC business but are deterred by reports of inferior product and large order requirements? APCT, a premier manufacturer of printed circuit boards headquartered in Santa Clara, now offers PCB Global Program Management. Through our management, you are guaranteed quality offshore printed circuit boards and we help you save money.

APCT Is Here For You

How does APCT make sure that your offshore PCB is high performing and save your Triangle Research Park NC company money? Our engineering team works with your design from concept to seamlessly transferring the recipe to our foreign suppliers to ensure the exact specifications remain the same, and you get the detailed printed circuit boards you ordered. Every batch from Japan, Taiwan, Southern China, and Northern China PCB is quality tested to make sure it is the high performing board you expect from APCT. From concept to final product, we practice quality control on every aspect of the printed circuit boards for our valued customers.

APCT also offers inventory management. Once your product is checked for quality and performance, we can store it in our secure warehouse until you are ready for it. Instead of having to rent a space for extra inventory, let us hold on to your offshore printed circuit boards in our temperature safe warehouse. We can set up programs to meet your needs, such as a monthly drop shipment of specific quantities, and we only charge you once we ship the offshore PCB to your Triangle Research Park NC location! Allow APCT to manage your offshore supply chain and save the money and time associated with overhead costs. To order or find out more information, please fill out our online request form or call (203) 284-1215. Our customer service team would be happy to answer any questions you may have.