Offshore PCB TucsonHas your mobile or computing company considered offshore PCB in Tucson but dismissed it because of the risks? APCT understands that working with an overseas manufacturer brings a lot of inherent risks with the process. How can your company receive the financial benefits of an offshore PCB manufacturing company while retaining the security and quality of a domestic manufacturer? By contact APCT about PCB Global Management! Our Global program offers the peace of mind of our domestic facilities with the price advantages of overseas production.

Experience the APCT Difference

The first concern with any offshore PCB for your Tucson company should be quality. If the product is cheap but doesn’t work as promised, it’s useless. When you need high performance printed circuit boards at a fantastic price, turn to APCT. Over years of experience in the PCB business, we have built relationships with four offshore manufacturers that share our passion for high quality PCB. When you order through APCT, we work with the offshore PCB manufacturing company to ensure the order goes smoothly. Starting with seamlessly transferring the recipe overseas using our patented Valor Genesis System, our engineers work side by side with the Asian supplier. Once the order is complete, every batch of offshore printed circuit boards is quality tested by our domestic team before it is shipped to your AZ company.

Another risk with offshore PCB your Tucson business may be concerned about is supplier reliability. When ordering from an offshore source the greatest fear is hearing that production has halted. Fortunately, APCT is a domestic manufacturer with the facilities to complete your order, if anything should go wrong. Our Global Management offers your Arizona business high quality offshore printed circuit boards with the peace of mind of working with a domestic manufacturer. Call us at (203) 284-1215 to learn more or fill out our convenient online contact form.