Offshore PCB TulsaIs your business looking for high quality offshore PCB in Tulsa? It’s not impossible to find high performing offshore printed circuit boards at an affordable price point when you rely on APCT for PCB Global Program Management! While the typical overseas manufacturing brings risk on inferior product and fear of halted production, we mitigate those risks while maintaining the cost advantage of foreign production. With our program management, you can expect high quality product, low cost benefits, and never having to stress about hearing “line down”.

APCT Is Here To Help

After you order, our expert engineering team reviews your design and helps to hone it for your purposes, cost effectiveness in manufacturing, and robust performance. Our company has always prided DFM expertise as our core competency. In domestic manufacturing and dealing with overseas production, this is an asset that helps product high quality product. We utilize our Valor Genesis System to transfer the product recipe exactly, eradicating the possibility of changes to details and specifications. Once the product is complete, every batch of offshore PCB comes to our domestic headquarters before it is shipped to the customer. We check every order for quality control to ensure that you are getting the exact board you ordered, before the offshore PCB is shipped to your Tulsa business.

One of the potential problems with foreign manufacturing is the lack of control over production- you may hear the line is down, or have a delayed shipment, or never receive your order. With APCT, we have vetted our suppliers and ensured they are reliable. In addition, if a problem arises, we are a domestic manufacturer with factories that can handle your order. You can still get the benefits of low cost offshore printed circuit boards without the typical worries that accompany overseas manufacturing. Choose APCT as your source for offshore PCB in Tulsa and rely on high quality product that arrives on time. Call us now at (203) 284-1215 to learn more.