Offshore PCB Vancouver WAWhat do you look for in offshore PCB for your Vancouver WA business? Probably first and foremost, you want high quality product. How can you ensure that your mobile or computing business will receive high performing product when you order from an offshore PCBs manufacturing company halfway around the world?

That’s where APCT comes in.

We are the leading domestic manufacturer of fast PCBs and are pleased to now offer our valued customers PCB Global Management. With our experience and expertise in the printed circuit boards industry, paired with the low cost of our offshore manufacturing partners, you get high quality and low priced PCB!

APCT makes sure you receive quality offshore PCB for your Vancouver WA business from the very beginning. Our talented engineers will first take a look at your PCB design to make sure that it is robust to manufacture and will be high performing. Once you have approved the NPI build, we send the recipe to our offshore manufacturing partners using our integrated Valor Genesis System. This patented system precisely transfers the recipe so all specifications are exact. Our staff will work with the supplier’s engineering team. Once complete, our domestic team quality tests every batch of offshore PCB before sending to you in Vancouver WA.

Quality control isn’t the only concern when it comes to working with an offshore PCBs manufacturing company. What happens if production is halted for some unforeseen reason? When you order through APCT, you never have to hear the dreaded “the line is down”. If something happens with offshore production, our facilities in the United States will step in. Our domestic factories will finish your PCB order and send to you. Turn to APCT for risk mitigation and high quality printed circuit boards at offshore prices. Contact us today by dialing (203) 284-1215 or through our convenient online form.