Offshore PCB Vista CAAre you looking for offshore PCB in Vista CA? It can be overwhelming to think of managing overseas production from halfway across the world. How do you know if your offshore printed circuit boards will be high quality? How do you find the right offshore manufacturer to work with? Fortunately, there is now an easy way to order low cost offshore PCB for your California business without the typical hassles. APCT is proud to announce our PCB Global Management Program. After thorough review of their business practices and facilities, we have partnered with four Asian manufacturers to bring our valued customers the advantages of low cost offshore manufacturing with the benefit of our expert management.

Experience the APCT Difference

Ordering a product from a supplier across the Pacific Ocean can seem a daunting task, especially when the product is as detailed and high tech as PCB. APCT handles all the coordination with our offshore manufacturing partners, so you never need to worry about picking up a late night phone call or trying to figure out a progress update. You will communicate with the same sales representative from APCT that you’ve always had. We will take care of the logistics right up until the offshore PCB is delivered to your Vista CA business.

Another concern with offshore printed circuit boards production is the quality of the product. With APCT, you can be sure that the PCB will be robust to manufacture and high performing. When you send your design to us, it’s reviewed by our talented DFM engineers. Once the final recipe is approved by you, it is seamlessly transferred to our manufacturing partners using our patented Valor Genesis System. This state of the art technology ensures that the exact recipe is sent and no specifications will be changed. Once the order is complete, every batch of offshore PCB is quality tested by our domestic team before it’s sent to you in Vista CA. With APCT your mobile or computing business has the opportunity to take advantage of cheaply priced printed circuit boards without worrying about the logistics and quality of production. Call us now at (203) 284-1215 to begin your order.