Offshore Printed Circuit Boards PomonaWhen your mobile or computing business needs offshore printed circuit boards in Pomona, what company do you trust to supply high quality and competitively priced product? APCT is the premier manufacturer of domestic PCBs. With our offshore low cost PCB manufacturer partners in Southern China, Northern China, Taiwan, and Japan, we are able to bring cheap product to our customers throughout California and the greater United States, while ensuring the quality and speed you’ve come to expect from APCT.

Experience The APCT Difference

We have an established supply chain to bring offshore printed circuit boards to your Pomona business. It starts with our talented DFM engineers reviewing your board design. Next you approve the final recipe and we seamlessly transfer it to our offshore low cost PCB manufacturer. Our Asian manufacturing partners were specifically chosen for their dedication to high quality PCB, a value they share with APCT. Our domestic team works with the supplier by handling all logistics and coordination to make sure you get the highest quality offshore PCBs. We know that when you order boards, from advanced technology to high density interconnect, you expect exact specifications and top quality from APCT. That’s why we check every batch of offshore product at our domestic facility before shipping it to you in Pomona.

In addition to quality, you can expect the same fast production and on-time delivery with our PCB Global Management Program that you have always relied on with APCT’s domestic operation. If you need compressed lead times or complex boards, our team will choose which of our manufacturing partners is up to the job. Our suppliers can handle quick turnaround times. If for some reason, production is stalled in Asia, our domestic facilities can always complete your order. With APCT as your source for offshore printed circuit boards in Pomona, you receive total risk mitigation. You never have to worry about hearing the line is down. Get high quality and on-time PCB by calling (203) 284-1215.