Offshore Printed Circuit Boards SunnyvaleLet APCT be your Sunnyvale area business’s complete offshore printed circuit board solution. With offshore PCB production’s low cost and high yields, it’s often a very appealing choice when mass quantities are required, but getting started can be daunting. That’s why APCT Global is proudly offering full production program management, where we handle the logistics, communication, and fulfillment services of your offshore PCB order. With PCB fabrication partners throughout Asia in Northern China, Southern China, Japan, and Taiwan that match the APCT commitment to incredible quality and amazingly fast fabrication times, your Sunnyvale business’s offshore printed circuit boards will exceed your expectations, while the APCT dedication to providing stellar customer service and technical support will provide you the transparency and respect you need.

More Than Your Manufacturer, We’re Your Partner

After domestically manufacturing a detailed prototype of your intended design and receiving your approval, we’ll use our Valor Genesis System to ensure a completely accurate recipe transfer from the approved prototype to our overseas partners. Upon receiving this recipe transfer, our overseas partners will start the manufacturing process, and ship it back to APCT upon completion. From there, we’ll perform various rigorous quality control checks to ensure that all product is up to our demanding standards, and then get your order right to you. If there’s ever an unexpected event that would cause a disruption with your order, rest assured that we’ll take care of it by building the short fall at our APCT domestic facilities, fulfilling the rest of your order to ensure your 100% satisfaction with your time with us.

APCT is the premier offshore printed circuit board manufacturing manager for your Sunnyvale business, here to assist you in getting the cost you want with a the high quality product you need. Call (203) 284-1215 or use our online form, and let’s see what we can do together.