When it comes to sourcing PCB at the best price in Palo Alto, offshore manufacturing provides the biggest economic advantage for Silicon Valley companies. However, with the low price of printed circuit boards made in Asia comes inherent risks. Two of the biggest issues with overseas manufacturing are quality and large order minimums. How can your business ensure your large scale PCB production is fabricated to the same quality as your prototype? And how can your business handle both the cost of a large order and storing all the excess product?

Ensuring Quality through Seamless Recipe Transfer

APCT Global is the answer to finding PCB at the best price for your Palo Alto company while relying on the reliability and strength of a domestic manufacturer. First and foremost, we ensure the highest quality product. We only work with vetted offshore manufacturers that hold themselves to the highest standards. With our technical knowledge and expertise, we are able to judge whether a PCB supplier has the right equipment, materials, and process in place to fabricate top-quality printed circuit boards. Our experienced engineers work directly with the overseas manufacturer to seamlessly transfer your PCB design using our patented Valor Genesis System. This system ensures that the exact recipe is recreated by the Asian producer. You can trust our team of PCB experts to ensure that the boards fabricated offshore to follow the recipe perfectly.

PCB Inventory Management for Your Bay Area Business

Another potential problem with overseas manufacturing is the large order minimums. Although this is the way to get PCB at the best price for your Palo Alto business, it can require a lot of capital to buy big quantities of boards all at once. When production is complete, you also have to store all the printed circuit boards. However, APCT Global offers a solution. We handle your PCB with managed supply options! What does PCB managed supply mean? We can place a large order with an offshore supplier, ensuring your business receives the cost benefits. When the order is complete, all the boards will be sent to APCT facilities in the United States for quality control. We will manage your inventory and send you regular shipments based on your business needs. For example, we can set up a monthly or quarterly shipment to your Silicon Valley company. The best part? You are only billed for the product once it ships to your business. With APCT Global’s inventory management, you can take advantage of the low cost of overseas manufacturing without the large overhead! This frees up your capital for other parts of your growing business.

For seamless recipe transfer and professional inventory management of your offshore printed circuit boards, there’s only one place to go. APCT isn’t a broker; we are your partner in everything PCB.

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