You want PCB at the best price for your Redwood City business. Where do you start looking? You may decide to research Asian manufacturers and become overwhelmed with the options and potential issues, such as logistics challenges, quality control, and large order minimums. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend staff time and resources to find the best overseas operation. All you have to do is call a trusted domestic manufacturer.

Coordinating Your Overseas PCB Order

APCT Global provides comprehensive electronics supply chain management for businesses throughout Silicon Valley and beyond. Headquartered in Santa Clara, we have long been the go-to PCB fabrication house for advanced technology prototype orders. Now, we can help our customers source large orders of printed circuit boards. We provide total ease of use for our customers. You’ll never have to worry about calling your manufacturer in the middle of the night or worrying if they understood your instructions. APCT has team members living throughout Asia and has built working relationships with various suppliers. We will pick the right manufacturer based on your needs, whether that’s compressed lead times or complex design, and manage the order from recipe transfer to delivery. Our PCB best price for your Redwood City company includes our world-class customer service and logistics coordination.

Inventory Management in Silicon Valley

It also includes PCB managed inventory. One of the factors that may affect whether your business chooses overseas manufacturing is the large order minimums. For many growing businesses, large order minimums offer low cost per unit but a high upfront investment. In addition to the total cost, it also requires space to store all the excess inventory. APCT Global offers PCB managed supply for our customers; we will store your order in our domestic warehouses and ship to you as needed. The best part about our PCB managed inventory offer? We only bill as the product is shipped to you! That means your business does not have to tie up all its capital in your PCB order, leaving you free to grow and expand. Just another way we ensure you get PCB at the best price in Redwood City! When you rely on APCT Global for printed circuit boards, you not only gain the economic advantage of overseas manufacturing, you gain the peace of mind of working with a reliable partner. Contact us for all your PCB needs.

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