You’ve been searching for PCB at the best price for your San Jose business. But you are hesitant to place an order with an unknown overseas company. There are so many variables to consider. How do you know that the quality will meet your standards? Or that you can rely on production to be steady and completed on time? While offshore production offers a cost advantage for PCB large orders, there is also an inherent risk. Until now.

Top Quality Overseas Printed Circuit Boards

APCT Global brings PCB at the best price for our San Jose customers with the Reliability & Strength of a domestic manufacturer. There’s no need to research Asian manufacturers or worry about quality control. You can work directly with us for all your PCB large orders. We have APCT employees living in various Asian cities working directly with your PCB supplier, vetting the production facilities and manufacturing process. We only work with manufacturers that meet our rigorous expectations of quality and service. When you come to APCT with a large production order, we choose the right manufacturer among our several trusted overseas suppliers. Depending on your business’s needs, such as compressed lead times and advanced technology, your printed circuit boards may get built in Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan or China. Regardless of where it is produced, every batch of completed offshore PCB is tested for quality control at our domestic facility before getting shipped to your Silicon Valley business.

Risk Mitigation in San Jose

In addition to quality control and ease of use, APCT Global offers risk mitigation. One of the biggest fears of overseas manufacturing is stalled production. You never know when production may halt and delay your printed circuit boards getting to assembly on time. When you count on APCT Global for your offshore PCB orders, you can rely on a domestic manufacturer who will pick up production if needed. If overseas manufacturing is stalled for any reason, our domestic factories can resume fabrication. You don’t have to worry about offshore production delays because we offer risk mitigation. This is just another way we ensure you get PCB at the best price in San Jose! The best price includes peace of mind that your business will receive high-quality product delivered on-time. Contact us today to order yours. 

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