What does it mean to secure PCB at the best price in Silicon Valley? Does it mean bargain basement prices for inferior quality boards and the stress of never knowing if the product will arrive on time? Not with APCT Global! Many companies shy away from overseas manufacturing because of the hassle and potential loss of quality. However, when you work with a well-trusted, domestic manufacturer, your Bay Area business can reap the economic benefit of PCB large runs made overseas without the inherent risks typically associated with offshore manufacturing.

The Advantage of Ease of Use

First and foremost, APCT offers ease of use. For years our company has made a name for ourselves in the industry as the manufacturer committed to customer service. That shows in every interaction we have. We will handle all the logistics with the Asian manufacturer, so you never have to worry about calling across time zones or checking in when your order will be complete. Your APCT internal sales representative will keep you updated throughout the process and answer any questions you may have. Since we handle all coordination, you do not have to divert valuable staff time and resources to manage the electronics supply chain. We believe PCB at the best price for Silicon Valley companies includes comprehensive customer service and ease of use. Eliminate all the delays, headaches, and logistical challenges associated with managing global procurement.  

Risk Mitigation for Asian PCB Orders

In addition to providing total supplier coordination for PCB large runs, we also offer risk mitigation for our APCT Global customers.  If anything stalls overseas PCB fabrication, our domestic facilities can take over your order. You not only benefit from our dedication to customer service, coordination with Asian manufacturers, and PCB expertise, you also get the peace of mind that our domestic factories can fabricate your boards if needed. Your business will reap the economic benefit while also gaining the strength & stability of a trusted domestic manufacturer. When we offer PCB at the best price for Silicon Valley customers, we provide more than merely the economic benefit of overseas manufacturing. We offer total ease of use and risk mitigation, which provide our customers peace of mind. We aren’t a broker; we are your partner in printed circuit boards.

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