Your business has a PCB design in La Palma, CA and needs a reliable manufacturer to create the NPI build. Who can you trust with your complex PCB designs? APCT is a circuit board manufacturer that has built a reputation for executing advanced technology prototype extremely quickly. You can rely on us for helpful technical expertise, fast lead times, and quality product.

When you send your PCB design in from La Palma, CA, our DFM engineers thoroughly review the recipe before production begins. With two fabrication facilities in Orange County, we are able to offer our Southern Californian customers enhanced regional support and high-performing product, which starts with fine-tuning the design. Our DFM engineers work with your in-house engineering team to fix any flaws prior to manufacturing to ensure the design is robust to manufacture. This extra step can save your business the hassle, cost, and time spent on reprinting the prototype.

In addition to NPI builds, we also can connect your business to large quantity circuit board orders produced beyond U.S. borders. APCT Global is your solution to worldwide electronics supply chain management – we take care of the logistics so you don’t have to spend the money and resources to find the right foreign suppliers and place an order. We can even store the excess inventory for you in our domestic warehouse and drop ship to you on a monthly or quarterly basis. This allows you to access the low cost of foreign PCB without having to store the boards. The best part? We don’t charge you for the boards until they have shipped from our domestic warehouse! What starts with a PCB design in La Palma, CA, can become a global operation with the help of APCT. We’re not just a manufacturer; we are a partner in everything printed circuit boards.