PCB Design Woodside CA

Do you have a PCB design in Woodside, CA and need assistance making the technology coming to life? Whether you need an initial prototype build or a large scale circuit board order, APCT can help make your PCB designs a reality! We are one of the largest independently owned PCB manufacturers in the United States, with four production facilities, over 450 employees, and over 180,000 square feet of fabrication space. In addition to our thriving domestic printing facilities, we also have partnered with overseas suppliers to offer our customers a reliable connection to low cost, high quality overseas product.

APCT offers PCB design review for Woodside, CA businesses. When you come to us for an NPI build, our experienced DFM engineers review the recipe before production begins. This extra step can mean the difference between reprinting the prototype, saving your company the hassle, time, and expense of a second batch. This is just one way we put our customers’ needs first!

Another way is through APCT Global, our electronics supply chain management that connects your business to low priced overseas printed circuit board. We are able to mitigate many of the typical risks associated with offshore manufacturing, such as communicating with the manufacturer and reliability of production. We handle all coordination and logistics with the Asian manufacturer, so you never have to worry about answering a transpacific phone call or tracking down your contact. You will work with an internal sales rep from APCT who will keep you updated on your order. Also, as a domestic manufacturer, you don’t have to be concerned with stalled or halted production. If anything happens to the production line in Asia, our domestic facilities can finish your order. We provide the knowledge of production and PCB design expertise to your Woodside, CA business. Who better to manage your Offshore Programs than printed circuit board experts!