PCB Manufacturing Boston

Your business needs PCB manufacturing in Boston, MA. Where can you turn for a PCB fabricator with excellent customer service, short lead times, and top-quality product? Call APCT! We have established a reputation for manufacturing advanced technology circuit board extremely quickly, helping our customers throughout the Eastern seaboard and beyond work within compressed timelines and creating complex designs that broaden your product’s capacity and capability. Whether you need standard PCB or intricate HDI, our experienced team of professionals can ensure that your design is robust to manufacture, the final product meets your specifications, and the boards will hold up to the rigors of use! Our customers come from a variety of sectors – defense, healthcare, aerospace, communications – but the focus on quality, speed, and service remains the same. Throughout the ordering and production process you can expect clear communication and technical expertise. 

Not only can you count on APCT for prototype PCB manufacturing near Boston, MA, but you rely on us to handle large scale production orders as well. We take your PCB production from prototype to scale. Our advanced circuit board fabrication facility in Wallingford, CT will handle the NPI build, and once you are ready for a larger order, our APCT Global team will work with PCB manufacturers outside of the United States to connect your business to large orders at minimal cost. Your business gets the economic advantage of overseas manufacturing with the reliability and strength of a domestic manufacturer. We provide the PCB expertise, knowledge of production, and stability of an $85 million dollar company’s buying power. Who better to manage your Offshore Programs than printed circuit board experts!

We are more a PCB manufacturing source for your Boston, MA business; we are a partner in everything printed circuit board. Contact us today to discuss your business needs.