PCB Manufacturing Ladera

Do you need PCB manufacturing in Ladera Ranch, CA? The first step to product development is working with engineers for a printed circuit board design. Once the design is ready, your company will need to research PCB manufacturers to create the NPI build. What if there was one circuit board manufacturer you could work with from cradle to grave? That would simplify your PCB production process, streamline communication, and allow you to spend time and resources on other parts of the project. That’s exactly what APCT offers!

APCT has two PCB manufacturing facilities in Orange County serving our Ladera Ranch, CA customers. These Southern California printed circuit board fabrication sites make prototype builds quickly and efficiently. Our talented DFM engineers review every design before production begins to ensure the recipe is robust to manufacture. Not all PCB manufacturers offer this extra step, but it helps to fix flaws in the design before the build starts, saving you the cost, hassle, and time of reprinting the prototype. Just another way we say “Yes!” to our customers’ needs! Throughout the review and manufacturing process, you can rely on clear communication from your APCT customer service representative and thorough checks by our quality assurance team.

Once you have approved the NPI build and need a large-scale production order, we can help with that as well! APCT Global connects our customers to low-cost printed circuit boards created beyond U.S. borders with the reliability of a domestic manufacturer. You can count on total ease-of-use; you will have the same APCT customer service representative and the same standard of communication as your NPI build. We will handle all the logistics with the supplier outside the United States so you don’t have to worry about tracking down an overseas manufacturer or communicating across time zones. We cover all coordination! APCT is the answer to quality PCB manufacturing for your Ladera Ranch, CA business. Contact us today to get started.