APCT is proud to offer PCB manufacturing services for San Francisco, CA based companies. As an innovative PCB manufacturer, we work closely with tech businesses to meet material and production needs. As one of the largest privately held PCB manufacturers in the United States, we can offer a range of services for your business. As we grow, our specialty remains in producing advanced circuit board prototype projects very quickly.

Experience the APCT Difference

If you have PCB manufacturing needs in San Francisco, CA, turn to the experts. APCT leads the industry in production times:

  • 2-10 layer boards in 24 hours
  • 12-24 layer boards in 48 hours
  • Via in Pad technology in 48-72 hours
  • High density interconnect technology boards in 3-15 days, depending upon the number of lam cycles

For tight deadlines, our capacity to create advanced circuit board quickly can make a big difference for your business. Every part of our process is streamlined to ensure speed and quality. You won’t have to wonder where your order is or if the boards will perform. We work directly with your in-house engineering team to ensure the design is correct, coordinate with you on delivery, and make sure your PCB order is one less thing you have to worry about!

In addition to fast PCB manufacturing for San Francisco, CA businesses, we also offer world-class customer service. You can count on our skilled DFM engineers to review your design before production, our quality assurance team to test every batch, and our helpful sales representatives to answer any questions you may have. We are dedicated to saying “Yes!” to our customers’ needs, which is why you can rely on comprehensive technical support and customer service throughout your order. Speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives for a quote today! Call (408) 727-6442 to start your order now.