If you’re looking for a new partner to meet the PCB needs for your Pittsburgh PA production or development facility, APCT will take good care of you. With our recent acquisition of an East Coast plant, we can now offer the same level of service and fast deliverability of printed circuit boards that we’ve been giving our Silicon Valley customers for years. In addition to speedy delivery, we also offer industry-leading fabrication times for complex technology printed circuit board designs. Standard lead times are 10 days, with quick turn capabilities of 24 hours for 2-10 layers; 48 hours on 12-24 layers and only three to five days on HDI technology work.

Our company culture of continuous improvement comes directly from our Passion, Commitment, and Dedication. We believe having Passion for what you do allows you to create better, more innovative products and processes. In order to deliver reliable PCB technology to Pittsburgh PA and throughout the world, we maintain a consistent Commitment to providing “Best in Class” service at all times. Our Design for Manufacturability Engineers work closely with every customer to design a complex technology printed circuit board that meets all of their qualifications. The design is completed before production begins, drastically reducing the risk of production error, and we offer a wide selection of materials and specifications in order to customize your PCBs for standard, advanced, or developmental orders. This level of service and Dedication to consistency ensures we’re able to deliver on a set timeline, so you never have to worry about missing a production window.

In addition to our East and West Coast factories, we maintain relationships with several overseas partners so we can provide high-quality PCB technology directly to Pittsburg or anywhere else in the world, no matter where your production facility is. To discuss your upcoming projects with one of our DFM Engineers, please call today. We look forward to working with you!