Are you looking for PCB production for your Buena Park, CA business? APCT is a leading manufacturer of circuit boards that can help you with fast, quality PCB and the best customer service in the industry.

You can rely on our organization for all your printed circuit board needs.

When you need PCB production in Buena Park, CA, you want only the best for your business. APCT wants the best for your business, too! That’s why we recently invested $3 million dollars into our Southern California PCB manufacturing facilities. This allowed us to upgrade manufacturing equipment, add production shifts, and implement a training program. This means your circuit boards can be produced faster and that we will have well-trained and knowledgeable employees to help our customers for years to come. Our investment guarantees speed of service and quality product for our customers.

We believe in the highest standard of quality products and first-class customer service.

What does first-class customer service entail? It starts when you first contact us regarding your order. Our friendly customer service representatives will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Our experienced DFM engineers have years of experience working with Orange County defense contractors and aerospace companies. They will review every PCB design before production to ensure it is robust to manufacture. By reviewing the design, we can make sure it will fit your business’s needs. If the design needs to be tweaked or changed, we will work with your in-house engineering team to get it right. This saves your business the time, expense, and hassle of having the print the circuit boards twice. Our DFM engineers are just one way we add value for our customers!

When you need PCB production in Buena Park, CA, come to the manufacturer you can trust for quality, technical support, and customer service. Call (714) 921-0860 to start your order now.