Do you need PCB prototype in La Palma, CA? There’s no need to look beyond Orange County for quality PCB manufacturing! APCT has two fabrication facilities in Southern California and can offer enhanced regional support to your business. Over years of experience in the industry we have become known as the manufacturer who offers advanced technology PCB prototyping quickly and with the best customer service. We are proud to offer these PCB prototyping services to you!

How can we ensure we offer the best experience for our customers? We continually invest in our company to make it better. We recently put $3 million dollars into our APCT Orange and APCT Anaheim facilities to upgrade equipment, add a production shift, and implement a training program for new employees. These changes will ensure that we can offer high-performing circuit boards for years to come. An additional production shift means we can create more boards at a faster pace, which can help your business work within compressed schedules and tight deadlines. When you need PCB prototype quickly and reliably in La Palma, CA, call your local experts.

APCT does more than fabricate PCB prototype for your La Palma, CA business, we can also connect you to foreign suppliers for large-scale production orders. Through APCT Global, we manage the supply chain and all aspects of logistics. You don’t have to research PCB manufacturing around the world or try to find the best supplier for your needs; we do all the work to fit your business priorities with the right PCB manufacturing facility. This can include factors like speed of production, advanced technology capabilities, availability of materials, and other variables. We place the order with the manufacturer beyond U.S. borders and handle all coordination with the supplier – all you have to do is get ready for your PCB delivery! APCT can help manage your printed circuit boards from cradle to grave. Contact us to get started.