Printed circuit board is needed for many businesses in La Palma, CA, including industries such as defense, aerospace, healthcare, and communications. Whether you need circuit board for a military helicopter or a life-saving medical device, it just has to work. That’s why APCT creates PCB board that can withstand the rigors of various applications and perform as needed. When you need quality you can count on, turn to APCT.

We were founded on three guiding principles: Passion, Commitment, and Trust. It’s these foundational values that you can see in our employees’ work every day bringing printed circuit board to La Palma, CA and beyond.

Passion: To provide ultimate customer satisfaction.

Commitment: To service and execute with high reliability.

Trust: To be earned by our actions.

Experience the APCT difference! When you submit a circuit board design, our knowledgeable DFM engineers review the recipe before production begins. This check prior to the NPI build ensures the design is robust to manufacture and suited to your needs, saving you the cost, time, and hassle or reprinting the prototype due to a flaw. You can count on our customer service and technical expertise through every step of the process, including once you’re ready for a large-scale production order.

Once your business has approved the prototype and want to order a full production run, APCT can connect you to a supplier outside the United States through our global supply chain management service. APCT Global allows your business to reap the benefits of low-cost manufacturing beyond the U.S. border while retaining the strength and stability of a domestic fabricator. We are more than a broker; we care about your success and have the capabilities of a manufacturer. If for any reason the overseas supplier isn’t able to finish your order or the production gets stalled, we will finish your order in one of our domestic facilities. Count on APCT to handle the printed circuit board order for your La Palma, CA business from cradle to grave!