Printed Circuit Boards AnaheimTo be able to offer and execute cycle lead times of just three to five days for HDI PCB projects, APCT is a true industry-leading HDI fabrication company, and the premier choice for a printed circuit board fabrication partner for your Anaheim tech-sector business.

Commited to Continuous Improvement

As members of the tech industry ourselves, we know that it’s a tough business: staying complacent means everyone else is passing you by. This constant demand to always keep improving to keep up with your customer’s expectations means you need a printed circuit board manufacturing partner that your Anaheim business can trust: a company that can offer you technical excellence and the facilities that can deliver quality, reliable products. At APCT, we have a strong, company-wide commitment to “continuous improvement.” This commitment has us constantly and consistently reviewing our facilities and our work, noting where we’ve succeeded and where we can do even better. With a corporate culture promoting honesty and innovation, our engineers and employees are never afraid to point out ways we can improve product quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

The result? Being a nationally recognized, world leading HDI fabrication company, with the facilities to always to be able to say “yes” to our clients and the drive to give them the best possible customer support experience to go with a quality product.

For the best in printed circuit board manufacturing for your Anaheim business, there’s just one name: APCT. Please, call (408) 727-6442, or speak with us via our online form today. We can’t wait to work with you, and give you the best customer experience you’ve ever had, every time.

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