There’s no shortage of printed circuit boards in California, since the tech industry is booming here. However, not every manufacturer can provide fast PCB fabrication without sacrificing quality. Here at APCT, we specialize in rigid PCB designs that incorporate high density interconnect technology in order to provide our customers with the most effective and innovative products for their production or developmental needs. With our high density interconnect designs and speedy fabrication times, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the curve with your computing production, which is essential in this industry.

Our fabrication times are superior because we foster an environment that encourages passion and commitment to continuous improvement. We are always improving upon our rigid printed circuit boards because we know tech companies in California and beyond demand a reliable, high-quality product that can keep up with the speedy evolution of our mobile and touch screen technology. Our HDI PCB designs in particular offer the same or better capabilities in less space, which makes them ideal for 4G, tablet, and other mobile devices. As designs improve and users demand better products, we work to keep ahead of the industry so that you can maintain production speed alongside developmental design. We invite you to review our capabilities for a full list of materials and specifications we use to provide our customers exactly what they need to achieve their goals, delivered in record time.

With a standard lead time of 10 days and 2-5 day cycle times for HDI specific designs, you’ll be pleased with our fabrication and delivery times. Our factory is located in Santa Clara, California, and we can quickly deliver printed circuit boards anywhere they’re required, from production plants to developmental offices. Please contact one of our Design for Manufacturability Engineers (DFM) today to get started.