Rigid printed circuit boards are used by Emeryville technology companies for a variety of computing devices, including touch screen monitors and 4G mobile devices. When you’re operating in Silicon Valley — one of the most innovative technological hotbeds in the world — you need to find a partner that can provide fast PCB fabrication times and a consistent product, whether you need a high-volume production run or a low-volume developmental order. At APCT, we’ve created a culture of passion, commitment, and determination to stay at the forefront of PCB technology to best serve our customers.

Our commitment to “Best In Class” service means that we’re dedicated to continuous improvement of our products and services.  This has led us to creating better, more effective printed circuit boards, which are used by businesses in Emeryville and throughout Silicon Valley and beyond. Not only do we offer industry-leading fabrication times (10-day lead times and 2-5 day cycle times for HDI designs), we also offer a number of specifications and materials so our customers can get exactly what they need. Our PCB manufacturing capabilities include a choice of finish material, through-hole variance, number of different layers for sequential lamination, and much more. We create rigid PCBs in standard, advanced, and developmental formats in order to get our customers exactly what they need, whether they’re in the production stage or the development stage. Our high density interconnect designs give you more capability in less space so you can create the next generation of mobile technology without missing a beat.

From our factory in Santa Clara, we can provide rigid printed circuit boards of any specification to Emeryville and other Silicon Valley and Bay Area cities in record time. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your unique needs, please contact one of our Design for Manufacturability Engineers (DFM) today.