Printed Circuit Boards Richmond VAAt APCT, your Richmond VA business’s printed circuit board project becomes our passion. With facilities stocked with advanced equipment and one of the most experienced and innovative design and engineering teams in the industry, we provide our client partners with some of the fastest rigid PCB fabrication speeds available with superb cycle lead times. Standard cycle lead times at our advanced technology PCB manufacturing facilities are 10 days, compared to the industry average of three weeks or more. If your project needs lighting fast prototyping or just a quick turnaround, we are able to offer quick turn capabilities of 24 hours for 2-10 layers; 48 hours on 12-24 layers and only three to five days on HDI technology work.

APCT was born from an industry veteran with a simple, yet revolutionary idea: treat your clients well. Steve Robinson, our CEO and founder, observed a concerning trend from his time in the PCB industry – clients were becoming frustrated from a lack of communication and transparency from PCB manufacturers. Despite the rapid advancements in technology and manufacturing methodologies, no efforts were really made to ensure that the client had a good experience. Amazing products were being made while the customer was shunted aside and ignored. This resulted in many businesses never becoming long-term partners, changing their PCB fabrication partner with every new project in the hopes of finding a business that gave them the customer service experience they needed. Fortunately, we’re here to change all that. APCT was designed from the ground up to address this issue directly.

While our printed circuit board manufacturing facilities for the Richmond VA area are well-equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment and staffed by our stellar team of engineers and designers, the real strength from APCT comes from our dedication to providing our clients an unparalleled customer service experience. Every member of our team is committed to going above and beyond to make sure that every moment you spend with us is enjoyable, clear, and gets you the product and technical support you need to succeed. Our ability to give our clients high-quality, rigid PCBs fast is matched only by our passion to foster a relationship of trust and transparency with all our clients. The result? Consistent double-digit growth and a long, growing list of happy, long-term client partners.

Experience the APCT difference with your next printed circuit board project for your Richmond VA business. Call (203) 269-3311, or use our online form to contact us today. Get an incredible, reliable product, and an overwhelmingly positive customer service experience from an industry leader with APCT.