There are any number of companies that have the equipment to create printed circuit boards in San Jose and the surrounding areas, but only APCT is an industry leader in fast PCB fabrication. Over the years, we’ve made PCB fabrication into a science — one that we’re always improving upon, as is our company philosophy. We believe in constant improvement, responsiveness, and maintaining “best in class” practices, and that’s what makes us a standout in our field.

The factory where we construct our printed circuit boards is located in Santa Clara, a stone’s throw from San Jose and the heart of Silicon Valley. This places us in an ideal position to quickly provide our neighboring businesses with the HDI PCB materials they need for production. Our team’s passion and dedication to improving on our standards has led us to maximizing our timelines, allowing us to offer 10-day lead times and cycle times of 2-5 days for HDI specific designs. When dealing with the tech industry, remaining at the cutting edge of computing and mobile technology is of the essence. Rigid PCBs offer the newest HDI designs in order to meet consumer demand for better, faster, smaller mobile devices, touch screens, and smartphones. We use laser microvans and thin materials in order to create high-performance, reliable printed circuit boards that meet the needs of consumers and producers alike.

Whether you’re a San Jose tech company looking for a supplier or an engineer designing your own equipment, we’re confident that you’ll find APCT to be a trustworthy partner. Please contact one of our project engineers today and allow us to help you meet your goals!