APCT is a fast-acting industry leader in printed circuit boards located right here in Santa Clara. Our factory houses a team that boasts both expertise and passion in the area of reliable PCB fabrication, with standard lead times of 10 days and cycle times of 3-5 days for HDI specific designs. This level of speed and accuracy sets us apart, providing our Silicon Valley clientele with fast, reliable rigid PCB technology. We offer the variety the tech industry demands with the efficiency it requires of a supplier.

Our company operates on simple philosophies: “best in class” practices, heightened responsiveness, and the drive to constantly improve. When it comes to printed circuit boards, Santa Clara and the surrounding areas demand technology that can stand up to continual innovation and change. This is why we provide a variety of HDI PCB designs, including blind, stacked or buried vias, 50-75 micron spacing, and sequential lamination. This technology assists in the creation of products in high consumer demand, including mobile devices, touch screens, 4G phones, and more. With laser microvias and thin materials, we’re able to remain on the cutting edge of this demand for the benefit of our clientele. From small engineering and design incubators to large-scale production companies, you’ll find a reliable and trustworthy partner in us.

All of our printed circuit boards are created by our Santa Clara team and constructed in our local factory, allowing our customers immediate access to the materials they need to keep their businesses running smoothly. Contact one of our project engineers today and let us show you what we’re made of!