Program Management for PCBsWhen large quantities of a successful new PCB design are needed to keep up with intense marketplace demands, APCT is here for you to provide program management services for PCBs.

Experience the APCT Difference

Working with our offshore global manufacturing partners in Northern China, Southern China, Taiwan and Japan, APCT’s PCB program management provides our clients with four distinct advantages.

  • Ease of use
  • Seamless recipe transfer
  • Inventory management
  • Total risk mitigation

APCT clients expect our “best-in-class” customer service and support, and our Program Management for PCBs service is no exception. Throughout the entire offshore manufacturing process, your contacts remain exactly the same: no need to arrange late night overseas phone calls or speak with an unfamiliar representative. The same friendly engineers and support staff will continue to provide you with the high tier customer service excellence you’re used to.

Using our integrated Valor Genesis System, we can guarantee completely accurate recipe transfer to ensure total compliance with your original design. With APCT’s core DFM expertise, we’ll hone your design to create the most robust, cost-effective, and reliable design we can, creating a fully functional prototype for your approval. As soon as this prototype is vetted and approved by you, we’ll contact our offshore manufacturing partners and provide them with a 100% accurate product recipe transfer that matches your approved prototype completely.

Saving You Time and Money

Our PCB program inventory management services allow us to provide you shipments of product in exact monthly quantities by setting up specialized programs. By managing the offshore supply chain, APCT additionally saves you even more time and money by handling the overhead cost and all communications with our offshore partners.

Finally, the APCT program management for PCBs provides our clients with total risk mitigation. We don’t choose our partners lightly: they have to match the APCT standards of quality and manufacturing speeds. Our thorough oversight avoids many problems with offshore manufacturing, and our rigorous QA process ensures that the product our offshore partners produce adheres to the same exacting standards of our domestically manufactured products. And, as a part of our commitment to providing the best in customer service for our clients, in the unlikely event of supply-chain disruptions, APCT promises to build the rest of your order domestically and ship it to you as quickly as possible: the ultimate risk mitigation.

The PCB program management service offered by APCT is a winning combination of our commitment to quality and total customer satisfaction while still providing the immense cost-saving advantages of offshore manufacturing. See what we can do for you today by calling (203) 284-1215, or using our online form to get in touch.