Our quality policy is remarkably simple: we’re committed to total customer satisfaction through quality leadership and continuous process improvement.  At APCT, we know that stellar service makes for a stronger business, and we also know that excelling in the marketplace means innovative and reliable products are a requirement.

As a Silicon Valley business providing printed circuit boards for production and development, we have to bring out our A-game in order to remain relevant. We believe passion, commitment, and trust to quality are absolutely necessary to provide customers with the best available product and service. Whether a business requires a high-volume order for a large production run or a low-volume order for a new product introduction, our customers need a consistent product and fast turnaround. We provide both.

Our factory is located centrally to many of the most cutting edge technology companies in the world. From the latest touch screen computers to the next generation of mobile technology, our customers need to know they’ll receive reliable technology quickly. We’re proud to be industry leaders in fabrication times. Our standard lead time is 10 days, compared to the industry average of three weeks or more, with quick turn capabilities of 24 hours for 2-10 layers; 48 hours on 12-24 layers and only three to five days on HDI technology work. However, fast cycle times are meaningless without perfect quality.

Our desire to help our customer to the best of our abilities is the heart of our business strategy.  From the first phone call to the shipment of product, we’re constantly looking to improve the service to our customer, which is our differentiator in the industry.  To that end, our DFM Engineers are always standing by to discuss any unique project needs, in addition, to offering a wide range of customization options, from finish material to through-hole variance.

However, tremendous customer service is meaningless without perfect quality.

To that end, we have created processes and procedures; developed systems and audit checks; purchased state of the art equipment and have invested in the training of people to not only continuously improve, but to drive a culture committed to internal and external quality.  If the culture is fostered to make it safe to admit errors and to openly discuss solutions; the company will grow much stronger and the customer will reap the benefits.

Experience has shown repeatedly that detailed planning; frequent, regular review & audits by qualified resources; and meticulous production controls are necessary to create a complex & reliable printed circuit board.  The key is repeatability!  Systems are necessary to gain the predictability necessary to assure we meet our customer expectations in product reliability and on time delivery.

At APCT, the systems are in place. The culture is in place.

But technology doesn’t sleep.  Processes are constantly evaluated, often changed, based on employee or supplier recommendations and customer feedback.  Continuous improvement is the goal and together we win.

The following are our focus areas for consistency and quality:

  • Quality Systems
  • Continuous Improvement Systems
  • Pre-Engineering Analysis
  • Research and Development
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Employee Training
  • Quality Reporting
  • Daily Analysis
  • Weekly Reporting and Review
  • Monthly Reporting and Departmental Review

For a copy of APCT’s Quality Manual, Ipc-1710a Form, or any additional information, please contact us at Info@APCTinc.com.

APCT Wallingford Quality Policy

APCT Wallingford Quality Objectives

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