You may think that this month’s topic is about quick-turn-PCB and the support of our customer’s needs; however, the topic is about TRUST! We have spoken often about the term “customer/supplier relationship” and how APCT strives to mold that unemotional phrase into “a true partnership.” Supporting a customer who needs quick turn consistency is a huge responsibility. Customers can’t afford a supplier who pushes out lead times depending on their capacity to produce. You need a reliable partner who plans ahead and puts to use its resources of equipment and personnel to assure it has the capacity to fulfill orders on a consistent basis.

We serve our customers with extraordinary lead times to enable them to beat their competition to market.

When it comes to producing printed circuit boards, APCT is determined to be the best — the best at implementing a cutting-edge design, the best at manufacturing reliable boards, the best at building lasting customer relationships. We want to beat the competition to market. And we are succeeding. How?

A lot goes into being the best manufacturer in the industry, from precision and quality to cost, and the people behind the production process. And to stand out above the rest, we deliver consistently quick lead times. We use state-of-the-art equipment and streamlined systems to engineer your product fast. We know that the time between receiving your order and shipping it matters to your business.

Our speedy delivery is the result of carefully synchronized production processes, and it also has to do with our production “culture.” Not only do we have highly qualified personnel, our staff is committed to building quality products … fast. They have an attitude of both can-do and will-do.

Consistency in quick lead time offerings is critical in planning the strategies to beat the competition to market.

We understand that you need to be able to count on us to complete your order, so you can meet your own production schedule. At APCT, we pride ourselves on our short lead times. We want to move along your product because we are dedicated to supporting your success. We want you to stand out at the top of your industry too.

To retain our reputation as the printed circuit board manufacturer with the shortest turnaround, we have to provide on-time deliverables every time, not just when it works for our schedule. Our commitment goes beyond a simple customer/supplier relationship. We are team players who work with you.

APCT strives to build true partnerships with our customers. We believe that for a long-lasting relationship, the bottom line is trust. A trusting partnership builds over time, through products that you can rely on to perform over and over and a supplier who does what it promises.

When your needs are critical, and you want someone you can count on, APCT delivers.

All our efforts, all our systems, are geared to achieve just that. We know that it’s about delivering a reliable product, on time, consistently. The APCT culture is dedicated to serving our customers’ needs. At APCT, we put our best foot forward to earn your trust. Give us an opportunity to show you what we can do.


Quick-turn-PCB, We serve our customers with extraordinary lead times to enable them to beat their competition to market.


APCT Offers Superior Lead Times


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