Quick Turn PCB La Palma

You need quick turn PCB STAT in La Palma, CA. Where can you turn for quick turn PCB that meets your exact specifications and will be delivered on-time? With modern technology and business, time is a precious resource. Many times, your business has tight deadlines and compressed schedules, and need a partner that can get quick turn PCB to your assembly house as fast as possible. Fortunately, you don’t have to look beyond Orange County to find the manufacturer you need!

APCT leads the printed circuit board industry in manufacturing times for NPI builds. We have unparalleled fabrication lead times: we can produce 2-10 layer boards in 24 hours; 12-24 layer boards in 48 hours; Via in Pad technology in 48-72 hours; and high density interconnect technology boards in 3-15 days, depending upon the number of lam cycles. This means if you need quick turn PCB prototype in La Palma, CA, APCT can get product to you in just days. We can drop ship quick turn PCB directly to your assembly house to speed up the process. With APCT as your partner in printed circuit boards, you can finish projects on time!

APCT is one of the largest independently owned printed circuit board manufacturers in the United States and has two production facilities in Orange County. This offers the ability to bring quick turn PCB prototype to your La Palma, CA business and enhanced regional support. Once you have approved the NPI build and need a large-scale order of printed circuit boards quickly, we can manage your global electronics supply chain. APCT partners with dependable PCB manufacturers around the world to bring our customers high-quality, low cost boards. We use our patented Valor Genesis System to precisely transfer the PCB recipe to our suppliers beyond U.S. borders. This ensures the exact design is recreated so you can count on top-notch boards. We work with many different suppliers, and will choose the one that is the best fit for your business based on lead times and manufacturing capability. We have partners that specialize in fast printed circuit board fabrication. You don’t have to worry about sending your PCB recipe to a foreign manufacturer or choosing the right print house for your needs; APCT Global manages the entire process for you! We are more than a manufacturer. We are a partner in PCB from cradle to grave.