Are you looking for rapid circuit board prototyping in Redwood Shores, CA? There’s no need to look very far! APCT is home to the fastest PCB prototyping in the industry! Based in Santa Clara, at the very heart of Silicon Valley, APCT has worked with various businesses to provide superior quality, fast PCB. All tech, from cell phones to computers to fighter jets to toys, need printed circuit boards to function. We ensure that you receive high-quality electronic components quickly.

APCT has established a name as the expert in advanced technology PCB prototyping. We are able to “Say Yes” to a Broad Range of Technologies due to our continuous commitment to Research & Development as well as a deep-seated belief that it is our people that make the difference. We invest in our employees through training and mentorship programs that ensure we have a knowledgeable crew that can offer robust solutions. We’ve also put millions of dollars into cutting-edge equipment so that we can provide the latest in standard, advanced, and development technology for our customers. This is critical to providing rapid circuit board prototyping for our Redwood Shores, CA customers. We don’t just provide PCB fast; we ensure that we can provide a range of materials and technologies at the highest quality.

Unbeatable Lead Times

Our equipment and our people allow us to lead the industry in rapid circuit board prototyping for Redwood Shores, CA and beyond. Companies throughout the Bay Area and the United States count on us for rapid PCB prototyping that meets their business needs. In fact, APCT has unrivaled manufacturing times: we can fabricate 2-10 layer boards in 24 hours; 12-24 layer boards in 48 hours; Via in Pad technology in 48-72 hours; and high density interconnect technology boards in 3-15 days, depending upon the number of lam cycles. You can receive product ready for PCB assembly in mere days! Our speed of production allows tech companies to meet tight deadlines, move along the electronic supply chain, and finish projects. We understand the importance of your time. Contact APCT today to discuss your project timeline.

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