Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturer FremontStill searching for a reliable rigid-flex PCB manufacturer in Fremont? APCT is conveniently headquartered in nearby Santa Clara and offers robust flex PCB! For years we have established a reputation in Silicon Valley as the dependable supplier for rigid printed circuit boards. With our recent acquisition of Cartel Electronics & its affiliate, Cirtech, our Broad Range of Technologies is expanding. We are now able to say “YES” to even more of our customers’ needs, including rigid-flex and flex PCB.

A Manufacturer focused on Your Needs

For a rigid-flex PCB manufacturer who can quickly deliver to your Fremont company, don’t look far. You may have known that APCT is a premier rigid PCB manufacturer in Santa Clara. You may not know that with our recent acquisition, we are one of the largest domestic manufacturers of PCB in the United States. As a rigid, rigid-flex, and flex PCB manufacturer we now have over 150,000 square feet of combined factory space, 4 manufacturing facilities, over 340 employees, all committed to your business’s needs. Our expanded resources ensure fast lead times and responsive customer service for all our valued customers.

With our recent acquisition, APCT has expanded our capabilities and Broad Range of Technologies to better serve our customers. We are now able to offer rigid, rigid-flex, and flex PCB at incredible lead times, while retaining high quality product and excellent customer service. Expanded capabilities means we are able to work with clients in the Silicon Valley and around the world create the PCB they need for exciting and innovative projects. From mobile & computing to aerospace & defense, our cutting edge PCB is being used to shape a new tomorrow. If you need a rigid-flex PCB manufacturer in Fremont, work with a local company that has a global presence. Call APCT at (714) 921-0860 to get started.