Rigid PCB Birmingham ALAPCT is the Birmingham AL tech sector solution for reliable, quality rigid PCB fabrication. Only APCT can bring the experience of an industry leader in fast, rigid PCB manufacturing and the power of a company-wide commitment to providing clients a game-changing customer service experience. Work with a rigid PCB fabrication partner that puts your Birmingham AL business first, and is willing to help you at every step of the way with incredible technical support.

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Get started on the right foot, right away: to get the best out of our state-of-the-art fast rigid PCB manufacturing facilities, we recommend pairing our friendly engineers with your internal design teams. They’ll make sure your design is as reliable and efficient as you want it, while ensuring you get every advantage of our advanced fabrication facilities. With the APCT commitment to continuous improvement, we’re constantly assessing our facilities and methodologies to ensure we’re using only the best to make your project succeed well beyond your expectations, and get you an end product that is unmatched in quality and reliability.

Founded by industry veteran Steve Robinson, APCT was built on the principles of respect, transparency, and commitment to providing the best in customer service and technical support. Our team is composed of the best and brightest to give us a mix of experience and innovative new problem solvers. None of our competitors can match the passion of our team to deliver an unparalleled product and amazing customer experience.

Experience what it’s like to have your rigid PCB fabrication for your Birmingham AL business performed by a true industry leader. Don’t wait – call APCT today at (203) 269-3311, or fill out our online form to get contact. We’re here to help – see what we can do for you.