For rigid PCB fabrication in Camden, NJ that goes above and beyond your expectations, you need APCT. Our fabrication cycle times lead the industry. Standard lead time is 10 days, compared to the industry average of three weeks or more, with quick turn capabilities of 24 hours for 2-10 layers; 48 hours on 12-24 layers and only three to five days on HDI technology work. With industry-leading fast rigid PCB lead times, a passionate team dedicated to constant innovation, excellent customer service, and commitment to your success, APCT is your complete complex technology PCB manufacturer and partner. Our core company values of respect, support, and transparency are all beliefs that give you better service, better products, and a better team focused on working with you every step of the way.

To get the most out of our fast rigid PCB lead times, we recommend pairing our talented engineering team with your designers as soon as your project begins. By involving us as early as the planning stage, we can combine your unique vision and needs with our years of experience and knowledge to give you a more reliable, quality product. The skill and knowledge of our team are second to none, and our commitment to continuous improvement makes sure we’re never standing still. While our fabrication facilities are advanced and impressive, it’s the strength of our people that really makes APCT the best rigid PCB fabrication partner in Camden, NJ, and puts us head and shoulders above our competitors.

Take advantage of our state of the art facilities and, more importantly, our “best in class” comprehensive customer service. You can call at (203) 269-3311 or contact us online to get started with the best rigid PCB fabrication partner in Camden, NJ. You need a company that cares when reliability and performance are critical. You need APCT.