APCT has built a reputation based on our advanced technology rigid PCB manufacturing for businesses in Huntington Beach, CA and throughout the United States and Canada. We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our Broad Range of Technologies to say “Yes!” to even more of our customers’ needs. You can expect the same top-quality rigid PCB from our experienced team, but you can also order flex and rigid flex PCB as well! APCT has acquired two PCB manufacturing facilities in Orange County, CA. APCT Orange and APCT Anaheim bring the necessary expertise, equipment, and certifications to produce Mil-Spec printed circuit boards of the finest quality. In fact, our list of certifications now includes:

  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • AS9100D Certified
  • MIL-P-55110 Certified
  • MIL-PRF-31032 Certified
  • IPC 6012 Class 3 & 3A

We have worked with civilian industries such as healthcare and communications for years to create rigid PCB, and can now offer the same standard of quality printed circuit boards to the defense and aerospace industries as well. Our teams in Southern California have experience working with the top companies in defense and aerospace, and we are excited to support these facilities as we continue to grow our capacity and capabilities. We recently invested $3 million dollars into APCT Orange and APCT Anaheim to upgrade equipment, create a mentorship program, and add a production shift. Upgrading equipment keeps our high standard of quality. Creating a mentorship program means that new employees can benefit from the decades of institutional knowledge and expertise our Southern California employees have. Adding a production shift means that orders are produced faster. All of this helps ensure we create the best flex, rigid flex, and rigid PCB for our Huntington Beach, CA customers.

When you work with APCT, you get more than a manufacturer. You get a true partner in everything printed circuit boards. Whether you need flex, rigid flex, or rigid PCB in Huntington Beach, CA, contact the experts. Call us today to begin your order.