Rigid PCB InglewoodAPCT provides Inglewood area businesses like yours the best in rigid PCB fabrication services as a full technology partner. A proud industry leader that specializes in fast, high-quality rigid PCB manufacturing, our company-wide focus on providing our clients a winning combination of technical excellence and incredible, best-in-class customer service support, we’re the top name in PCB fabrication, and we want you to join our ever-expanding list of happy, long-term client partners.

The Service You Need, When You Need It

We want to always say “yes” to the changing needs of our clients. To that end, we strive to keep our facilities on the cutting-edge of new technological innovations and equipment, giving us one of the most advanced rigid PCB manufacturing facilities that service the Inglewood area. This dedication to ensuring we always have one of the most advanced facilities available is what’s given us our incredibly fast rigid PCB manufacturing speeds: most 2-10 layer products of standard through hole technology can be completed in just 24 hours, perfect for projects that need rapid prototyping or any project that would benefit from that extra time.

But our advanced facilities are just one part of the APCT difference. The real APCT advantage? Having the support of a passionate, knowledgeable team 100% dedicated to helping your project achieve success. From our floor techs to our engineers to our customer service representatives and everyone in-between, none of our competitors can match the passion and dedication of our elite team.

Experience the difference working with an industry leader can make. Combine elite customer service with high-tech solutions when your Inglewood area business gets the best in rigid PCB fabrication services from APCT. Call us today at (408) 727-6442, or use our online form to ask us any questions you may have.