APCT is the rigid PCB manufacturer you need in La Palma, CA. We provide rigid printed circuit boards at lightning fast lead times with world-class customer service. We have two production facilities in Orange County to better serve our Southern California clients. APCT Orange and APCT Anaheim offer a broad range of technologies and expertise, including rigid, flex, and rigid flex PCB capabilities. Our knowledgeable team has worked with the biggest names in aerospace and defense to create top-quality prototype for various applications.

Whether the rigid PCB for your La Palma, CA company is going to guide a military helicopter or power a rocket in space, it just has to work. APCT ensures that all printed circuit boards perform at the highest level, regardless of changes in temperature, pressure, and conditions during use. Each design for flex or rigid printed circuit boards is vetted by our experienced DFM engineers before undergoing fabrication to make sure the recipe is robust to manufacture and suited to your purposes. We work directly with your in-house engineering team to fix any flaws before production begins, saving your business the hassle, cost, and time spend on reprinting the prototype.

From prototype to large-scale production, you can count on APCT for all your flex, rigid flex, and rigid PCB needs in La Palma, CA. Once you have approved the original NPI build, our worldwide electronics supply chain management service can connect you with suppliers beyond U.S. borders for full-scale production. This gives your business the economic benefit of working with suppliers outside the U.S. with the risk mitigation of a domestic manufacturer! We use our knowledge of production, close technical review, on-the-ground team in foreign countries, and close communication with the supplier to ensure you get quality boards every time. Our domestic facility also quality tests every batch of offshore PCB before shipping to your business. Let APCT handle your printed circuit boards from cradle to grave.