You need a rigid PCB manufacturer that can deliver to the Palo Alto area quickly and consistently without sacrificing quality. Luckily, APCT is located in nearby Santa Clara, right in the heart of Silicon Valley. For many years, we’ve operated as an advanced technology printed circuit board manufacturer supplying standard, advanced, and developmental PCBs throughout California and the U.S., as well as overseas thanks to our international partners. With industry-leading cycle times for even HDI-specific designs, our customers know they can rely on us for high-quality products and fast turnaround.

At APCT, we work with team members who display Passion, Commitment, and Dedication, because that’s what we feel makes a business successful. We find having a great deal of Passion for what you do fosters an environment of continuous improvement, which is necessary in an industry that’s constantly moving forward. Any rigid PCB manufacturer that hopes to provide successful Palo Alto tech companies with the components they need to make the next generation of revolutionary computing and mobile technology has to be able to go the distance, and our people do. Our Commitment to “Best In Class” service means we Design For Manufacturability, working with each and every client from the beginning to ensure their PCB design meets their exact specifications before it goes to production. Not every advanced technology printed circuit board manufacturer can say the same. With a wide array of materials and specifications for our PCBs, your design is completely in your hands. This means we can maintain our Dedication to consistent products and reliable turnaround and delivery times, without fail.

With multiple facilities and partners both local and international, we can provide the components you need wherever your production plant is located. Give one of our DFM Engineers a call today to discuss your next project, and learn why we’re a highly-regarded rigid PCB manufacturer in Palo Alto and throughout the world.