Rigid PCB Manufacturing Companies Los AltosAre you searching for rigid PCB manufacturing companies in Los Altos? You don’t need to look very far! APCT is a respected and dependable manufacturer headquartered in nearby Santa Clara. Steve Robinson, our CEO and founder, has been in the printed circuit boards industry for nearly 5 decades. With a successful track record in the business, he set out to build a people-oriented company. Our goal at APCT is to be the human element in the PCB industry.

A Manufacturer Built on Values

While there may be several flex circuit board manufacturing companies, APCT stands out from the crowd. We exceed industry standards not just in cycle times but in customer service. We are able to offer quality product at leading turnaround times and fantastic technical support because of the employees that work for APCT. Steve started this company with a foundation of Passion, Commitment, and Trust. We have a passion for innovative solutions and new technologies, a commitment to our customers and reliability, and have built trust by the consistency of our actions. It’s these qualities that make us different than other rigid PCB manufacturing companies serving Los Altos.

We recently expanded our Broad Range of Technologies as well as our manufacturing facilities. APCT now has 4 manufacturing sites throughout the United States and the ability to produce high quality Flex, Rigid-Flex, and Rigid printed circuit boards quickly. That means whether you are looking for flex circuit board manufacturing companies or rigid PCB manufacturing companies in Los Altos, APCT is standing by to help. Our motto is “Say Yes” and you will find we work hard to meet our customers’ needs. Do you have a tight deadline on your NPI build? Need help with PCB board design? Talk to a customer service representative today by calling (408) 727-6442 or look us up online at APCT.com. We look forward to working with you.