APCT has long been known as the go-to source for rigid PCB in Newark, CA. In our organization, our employees make the difference. Our team is committed to your success. They embody the words:

  • Passion: To provide ultimate customer satisfaction.
  • Commitment: To service and execute with high reliability.
  • Trust: To be earned by our actions.

These cornerstone values of APCT have made us the best choice for rigid printed circuit boards in the Bay Area. We are dedicated to customer service and it shows in everything we do, from the first order to the final delivery. A helpful customer service specialist will help you place your order, our experienced DFM engineers will review the PCB design, our quality control team will check every batch, and your internal sales rep will keep you informed of production progress. Also, our headquarters in Santa Clara is right in the center of Silicon Valley, making us a convenient option for rigid PCB orders in Newark, CA.

We Offer A Variety Of Options

In addition to rigid printed circuit boards, APCT can now say “Yes!” to more of our customers’ needs. We have expanded our Broad Range of Technologies to include flex and rigid flex PCB. This increased capacity and capabilities means that we can fulfill more of our customers’ needs. We offer advanced technology PCB in a variety of innovative materials along with technical expertise from our DFM engineers. Our experienced team will review your PCB design to ensure that it is robust to manufacture and fit for your company’s needs. You can count on our technical knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and company procedures to deliver top-quality product. If you need flex, rigid flex, or rigid PCB in Newark, CA, talk to the experts. We don’t just want to be your printed circuit manufacturer; we want to be your partner in everything PCB. Contact APCT to discover what we can do for you and your business!

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