To find the most reliable rigid PCB in Silicon Valley, APCT is the only logical choice. Printed circuit boards come in a wide array of designs and are provided by a number of different suppliers, but only our team can provide the passion and expertise that the technological innovators of the country can trust. Our fast rigid printed circuit board designs offer everything from blind, stacked or buried vias to 50-75 micron spacing and so much more.

Technology moves at the speed of light, and at APCT, we operate in an environment of constant improvement, from turnaround times to customer service. We’re an industry leader, offering a 2-5 day cycle time on average for HDI specific designs and a 10-day standard lead time. No other rigid PCB provider in Silicon Valley or beyond can offer that sort of efficiency. That’s not just a claim — it’s backed by more than seven years of double-digit growth. A fast rigid printed circuit board is applicable to a vast number of technologies, from touch screens to 4G phones, and we are constantly pushing ourselves to create a PCB that performs better than our last. We feel a continual dedication to product and employee improvement is essential to progress, and we know many of our customers agree. When you work with us, you’ll always know you’re getting the best in speed, performance, and customer support.

Our factory is located in Santa Clara, right in the heart of one of the most advanced technological hotbeds in the world. We can quickly provide rigid PCBs in a variety of designs anywhere in Silicon Valley and beyond, and we invite you to experience our expertise today. Whether you’re an independent engineer or looking for a new high-volume supplier, contact one of our Project Engineers today to get started!